Thursday, February 23, 2012


Guess what? Last week room 21 got to play netball on the hard courts with Liz. Netball is a hard sport because you have to have good shooting skills well as good passing. As we did netball with Liz she showed us how to pass the ball and how to hold the ball. Liz was our instructor (teacher). She taught us some techniques and drills.

The first drill we did was the chest pass. As we did the chest we played a little game. After the game we learnt how to bounce pass. The bounce pass is holding the ball and bouncing it to the next person.

As we played we got put into groups and played a little game of netball. We had to shoot the ball into the circle and if we did we got 1 point. The other lesson we did was intercepting. Intercepting is hard because you have got to have speed and good catching skills.

As we learnt how to intercept the ball we also played a game of ball tag. The aim of the game was trying to get the most people out and trying to intercept it. I had lots of fun and learnt lots of skills from netball. Liz taught me how to pass the ball as well as intercept. I hope we get to learn lots more skills.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Treaty of Waitangi

1)A long time ago, British people sailed the sea and found new land called Aotearoa. The people that lived there were Maori. During the 1840’s Maori and British had a disagreement over land. So a treaty was needed.

2)A treaty is an express agreement under international law that governments sign. A treaty is an official, express written agreement that states use to legally bind themselves.

3)Hone Wiremu Heke Pokai was a Māori rangatira (chief) and war leader in Northern New Zealand and a nephew of Hongi Hika.He was the leader of a Maori tribe.

4)The treaty was about the 3P’s. Protection, partnership, and participation. Protection means protecting yourself and protecting others. It also means protecting things you love. Partnership is co-operating with others like your friends and family. Partnership is also team-work. Team-work helps things go faster in life. Participation is participating in the things you like or dislike.

5)At Pt England School we learn about the 3 P’s.Protection,partnership and

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bar Graph

The Bar graph Represents what room 21's favourite colour is.My Favourite colour is
Purple and it's the most favourite colour
in room 21.The least favourite is yellow.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Potaua My Holiday

P1: In the holidays me and my family went to the Panmure lagoon.As we got there we jumped out of the car and straight into the pool.When the hydro slide opened me and my cousin raced up the stairs and went down.While we were there we watched people have a bombing challenge in the bombing pool.

P2:After that we had lunch next to the hydro slide entrance.As we were having lunch I sprinted right over to the indoor pools because it got cold.When I was in the inside pools me and my brother were playing wrestling.

P3:When me and my brother were playing wrestling we played passes in the outside pools.While we were playing passes I watched my cousin do a bomb.As he did a bomb the life guard walked over and told him we ain't allowed to bomb here because there are to much people swimming

P4:As we were packing up to go home we were allowed to go on the Hydro slide 2 more times.At the end of the day it was cool and I really enjoyed my day out at the Panmure lagoon