Thursday, September 13, 2012

What if I could go back in time

If I went back in time I would want to see all my family that died way before I got born. I would want to spend time with them before they passed away. I would want to warn people bad things would happen. I would want to see all the stuff that happened before humans were born. I would want to warn the people that died when the twin towers fell. I would take me back when I did all the bad stuff to my teacher and friends. I would want to travel back in time like a time traveller.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What if I had Superpowers

If I had superpowers I would save the world from crime and robbers. I would help people that are in trouble and rescue them from danger. I would be just like Superman keeping crime from out of this world and stop the bad people from stealing and murdering. I would let all police have a break why I do all the work. My super powers I want is to be able to fly like a jet plane, invisibility, ultrafast like Flash, and be strong as the Hulk. My powers are used when stopping crime and helping people out with things. I’ll save the community and heal sick people from dying.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Cross Country

I have been running really well in the cross country for years. But this years one was much harder. On a sunny Friday afternoon we had our annual school Cross Country.

Standing in line with my mates I stood nervously at the start line waiting for the race to begin. I heard that it was a 3km run. “BOOM” the clappers went.  As quickly as possible everybody burst off at the start line leaving me behind. One of my mates were ahead of me but I kept my pace and caught him around the corner.

As I reached the reserve we entered a puddle of muddiness. My shoes were covered with gooey mud and damp water and it was slowing me down. I was trying to keep up in the front but the 11yrs and 12yrs kept coming in my way. My legs started giving up as I entered the bush walk. Tired with heavy shoes I tried to keep my pace but I kept slowing down.

Before I knew it I was already half way through the bush. I could see the front of the pack across from me. I tried to catch them but they were nowhere to be seen. As I came back to the reserve I saw Samuela leading the pack and I knew I was taking 4th place. When I came back to school I passed the park and saw everybody cheering us on. I saw the finish line and ran towards it. “4th place “Ms Va’afusuaga said. After that we took a picture of Samuela, Starford, Matthew T and I.

Finally it was over. I walked and washed my shoes by the taps. My highlight was trying to catch the front pack but I kept slowing down. I felt exhausted and hot when I finished. I can’t wait for next year.