Friday, November 30, 2012

Film Festival

“WOW” last week a cluster of schools went to the Manaiakalani Film Festival to watch awesome talented movies from others schools. The schools that were there was St Pius X, G.I Primary, Glenbrae, Tamaki College, Tamaki Intermediate and Tamaki Primary.

As we got into the bus we travelled down to Sylvia Park hoyts. As we arrived we went up to the extreme screen theater to watch the film festival. As we got there they opened the Manaiakalani film festival. The very first film that was showed was one direction created by Pt England and Tamaki College. It was funny and also creative.  

My best film was azonto created by tamaki college. It was awesome and creative. I like the part
when they travelled around dancing in public it was cool.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

School Athletics

On Thursday it was Athletics day. I was at home because I had hurt my leg. I heard that it was exciting and exhausting. There are four house colours Tainui, Te Arawa, Takitimu, Matatua. I'm in Matatua (green). I was meant to be competing with the 12 year old boys. It sounded like it was fun and competitive.

My challenging events are sprints and high jump. High jump is the best event for me because its challenging and difficult. Every time you fail you get eliminated, but every time you accomplish it they put it up another level. My other best event in our school athletics is relay. Four house groups competing against each other I heard that Te Arawa came first.

The nervous part about athletics is the finals. Everybody cheering their house colour on waiting for the clap to be called. Once the clap calls it gives me a fright and tingles in my body. I heard that it was challenging and hard for the year 7’s to compete with some of the year 8’s.

It was kinda boring sitting out athletics because it sounded like everyone had fun.I wish I didn’t break my leg because i could have competed in our school athletics. My Best part is Relays because we get to challenge against the parents and teachers.