Monday, December 16, 2013

PES Farewell

My time here at Point England School has expired and has ended. I like thank all my teachers that have taught me all the things that I need to know in life and also teaching me the good ways to communicate with others. Im really gonna miss this school well as my friends as they all set off to different colleges. I also like to say a farewell to Mr Burt who taught us how to be role models to others and also to everyone that taught me during my childhood through primary. I'm really going to miss this school.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was an South African president who fought for the blacks.  He wanted all the blacks to be treated equally with the same rights and the same respect. He wanted them to get along without any racism and protesting.

Rolihlahla Mandela was born on july 18, 1918 in a small village Mvezo where he was brought up with his dad until he past away (of tuberculosis) when Mandela was nine years of age. From there he was raised by Jongintaba, until he escaped from an arranged marriage he wanted no part of. Mandela went to Clarkebury boarding to receive his junior certificate, where he got the name Nelson from his teacher, then from there he went to Healdtown, a Wesleyan secondary school of some repute.

August 5 1962 Nelson Mandela was arrested for fleeing the country without a passport, he was then sentenced to 5 years in prison on the 7th of november. Mandela was then transported to 3 different prison, Robben island, Pretoria Local Prison, then released from Victor Verster Prison.

. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was a south african who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. He was the first black South African to hold the office, and the first elected in a fully representative democratic election. Nelson Mandela changed the world for most south africans he changed it so they don't get teased for their colour that they can own their own businesses and that all of them could get along and be treated fairly with the same respect.

Year 8 Camp

Arriving at school bright and early on tuesday the 3rd of december year eights students went down to Rotorua for our end of the year camp to finish our last year here at Point England School. My Group I was in was called the demilicious I was in their with my classmates Ahsin and Studamyer. Getting onto the kiwi coach bus it was filled with year 8 boys. Giving our last waves to our teachers we were off on a long bus drive down the line. Heading around the corner Dillon started to play the guitar and we all sang songs.

Driving for a long period of time I started to get bored so I just sat there and waited for this long drive to finish. Arriving at Keswick christian camp we unloaded the bus and took our stuffs to our rooms. I was in a room with my class friends Jesiah, Ahsin and Stuadamyer. Unpacking our bags we went outside and had free time before we went off for a run through the forest.

Arriving at the place I was tired to run so I just kicked it at the back with my friends. Seeing my buddie run ahead of me I started to jog and I caught up to James. Gently jogging with James we were almost catching up to the front but then we both got tired so we waited for other to pass by. Catching our breath we ran and we caught lorenz down the hill so we stuck with him the whole way. Getting back to the campsite we had an opportunity to go for a swim in the lake.

On the next day we got up early and started our day. Walking in the dining room we made our own lunch and got ready. Getting onto the bus we went to do our first activity seeing a real geyser. After that we went to this place where they talk about the sheeps that live here in NZ. Watching all those sheep go up there it was funny and clever. Watching the guy talk about sheep he told a few people to come up on the stage to milk a cow. Max and waata were the brave ones that went for us.

Looking at waata go up he pretended his name was James so we all laughed and watched him milk the cow. After watching the show these brainy farm dogs came out and showed us some of their tricks they could do. After that activity we went on to the bus and went back to Keswick and did our Item practise for prize giving the following week.

After that we went up stairs of the dining room and watched a movie (Pitch Perfect).
Finally after that long day of activities we went to our rooms and went to sleep. On the third day of camp we got up bright and early to go for a walk around blue lake. It was a long walk around the lake but it was pretty cool talking to my mates the whole way. Finally after sore legs of walking a couple of kilometres we arrived at the blue lake where we got the opportunity to swim and bomb off the pontune.

So exhausted of walking everywhere we arrived back at the Keswick camp and rushed to the hot showers. Straight after a long hot shower Mrs langitupu told us to pack our togs because we're going to a nearby swimming pools.

Feeling so annoyed of wasting my time having a shower I just packed my togs incase I wanted to swim. Arriving at the Rotorua pools we had to listen to the instructor what we ain’t allowed to do and what we are allowed to do. Rushing to the 2m high pool the year 8 boys bombed in. Finally waiting for the lifeguard to open the mini trampoline we all jumped in. After a long day of walking and swimming we went back for dinner and to do our item practise.  

On the final day of camp we had a item by the International champion Choir group Richmond school. Straight after that beautiful Choir group finished we went back into our rooms and packed up our gear and loaded it back onto the bus before we left for the luge ride. So desperate to go on the luge we finally got there where we took our group photos. Finally reaching up top where the luge rides where we started to line up.

Watching all my mates drive past me looked so fun. Finally reaching the top of the line we hopped into a wet luge and started to drive. Heading down the hill Ahsin crashed right next to me so I tried to catch up but he was gone. After that fun experience for the first time We got into the bus and drove back to Auckland.

Thank you Johnson & Johnson and also The Variety Club

Thank you for taking the time to give us presents and I would like to thank Johnson and Johnson and Motat and also The Variety Club for making this happen. I’d also like to thank all the people who took time off their jobs to rap us the presents. I really appreciated it and I will try and treasure my present as long as it lasts.

Its has been a very cool experience for me because I have never experienced people giving us presents during school randomly. It was such a great day being given a mystery present it was wrapped perfectly I loved it. Thank you very much to all the helper that made this happen and have a happy Christmas.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Netbook Reflection

I have learn’t a lot of experience using this special technology device over this whole year. My teacher, Miss King has taught me a lot about using google and taught us lots of new sites that can improve our work.

The most significant thing i’ve learnt online this year is to create cool animations on this cool site called scratch. Scratch is where most people created their games from for example pacman. I have learnt a lot from all my friends I have learnt how to go on proxy servers and learnt how to download things.

I have taught a lot to my friends I have taught them how to get on to sites and helped them with their work. My work has grown a lot because of my netbook I can use the internet to search up things and also use online work sites like Math Whizz, Xtra Maths and google docs.   

Monday, December 2, 2013


gif maker For the past two weeks year 7-8 students from pt england got to go and swim at the YMCA pools in Glen Innes. Walking down to the pools in the hot sun I noticed we were sharing the pools with Room 19. Getting into the medium pool we had to do a swimming test to see what level our swimming is at. I thought in my head I’m not a good swimmer but ill try my best. Heading to the toilets I came back and didn’t know what group I was in so I just jumped in any.
Ready to start Our lessons Rocky handed me his goggles and we started to swim. So tired of swimming we still had a lot of laps to do. Thinking in my head I wished I could of done lines instead I swam back and it was the end. “Finally over” I said as I carried my stuff to the toilets.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Potaua Mihimihi

Kia Ora Koutou
(Greetings to you all)

kua hui mai nei
(Who have gathered here)

Ki tenei whare
(To this House)

Ki te kawe mai
(To Bring)

I nga whakaaro pai
(The Good Thoughts)

Ka nui te aroha
(Great is the love)

Mo to koutou maia
(For your Strength)

Ki Te huihui mai

Ki Te Ako
(To Learn)

I nga mahi
(The Work)

e pa ana ki tenei kura
(Concerning this School)