Friday, July 8, 2011

Saturday's game against Pakuranga

Intro-What we did first
1st par-How we got there
2nd par-Starting of the game
3rd par-2nd half
conclusion-telling you how we felt
and what was the score.

Did you know that Tamaki under 11’s overs had a game against Pakuranga
lions.As we were there our game got shift forwards.As the game got started
Pakuranga kicked off.When they kicked off our team rushed for the ball
and ran.The other team was quite difficult.The other team was the first to
score a try.When we went back on the field we kept our defense line hard.
After that Ahsin scored our first try.When it was half time the score was
three one. As we went on the field half of our team were puffed out.The
other team was winning by three tries.But we never gave up we chased
there post to post. At the end the score was four to one After that we
did our cheer then we shook the opposition team.It was a difficult game
but everyone had fun.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Juicy fruit

Room 18 made juice this term. I used pears and apples to make my juice. First we cut up the fruit and then put it through the juicer. The juice tasted really nice, it was sweet and fresh. This movie shows part of the juicing process.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Canada day

Canada became its nation in 1867.Canada are proud of the
nation that they have built together over the last 144 years.Since the earliest days of history,Canada has been a land of promise.They have built a society that celebrates achievements and excellence.
Canada got its name from an Indian word "Kanata".Canada Day is always on the 1st of July. On Canada day, people celebrate it by doing things like having a picnic and watching fireworks. Canada day is
known to Canadian people all around the world.