Friday, March 23, 2012


Ko Maungarei te maunga. Mount Wellington is the mountain

Ko Tamaki te awa. Tamaki is the river

Kei Glen Innes toku kainga noho I stay in Glen Innes.

No Samoa/Tonga/Rarotonga/Aotearoa etc ahau I come from _______Aotearoa_________

Ko Pt England toku kura I go to Pt England School.

Ko Dave raua ko John oku koro My grandfathers are _______ and _________.

Ko ___Grace_____ raua ko ____ANN_____ oku kuia My grandmothers are ____Grace_____ and ___Ann_______

Ko ____Potaua______ toku matua My father is ________Potaua________

Ko ___________toku whaea My mother is ________Jacinta_______

E ____11________ oku tau. I am _____11______ years old.

Ko _______Potaua_________ taku ingoa. My name is _______Potaua________

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Camp Concert


Atmosphere is a complex word to describe what a place feels like. I was courageous when I had to perform on the stage on the night of the camp concert. On Concert night we had to perform a dance and had to use a jump jam song. My group was called Respect Squad and we picked ‘Poi E’. Poi E is a popular Maori song.

The item we performed was a dance from a New Zealand movie called ‘Boy’.
We had to keep in time and had to copy the moves off the movie. Our theme song
was traditionally made from a group of people.

At the end of the concert we came in 6th place. After our group performed it was
time for others to go on. Mr Barks handed out prizes for the best kayaker
skater and more other things.

I liked camp because we learnt lots of games and did lots of camp activities.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Dr.Ben Carson

On Tuesday Pt England students went on a bus to see Dr. Ben Carson at the Telstra Clear Events Centre. Dr. Ben Carson came from a poor family and he wasn't brainy in his class room. He had always been the dumbest until his mum told him to learn his timetables every night and read 2 books every week. At the end of the week he had to explain what the story was about.

After he told us about his childhood he told us what college he went to and what university he attended .Dr. Ben Carson attended Yale University for his undergraduate degree, the Medical School of the University of Michigan for his M.D. Eventually he became a doctor.

After Ben Carson told us what college he attended he said a speech THINK BIG!!!. Talent, Honest, Insight, Nice, Knowledge Books, In depth learning, and God. At the end everyone got a UP&GO drink and a apple to take.

As we got back to school I enjoyed learning about Dr.Ben Carson’s life
and how he managed to separate conjoined twins.

Friday, March 2, 2012


On a Magnificent hot day Pt England School went down to the re severe for a picnic.

As we headed down to the beach Mr Burt told us some safety rules were we can go and can’t go.After Mr Burt told us the safety rules we went and found our picnic area on the hill.As we found our picnic area I raced over to were the softball was.

While I was playing softball I bated the ball real far but Kingston’s dad caught it so I was out.When I was on second base James smacked the ball real far that he got us all home and we were safe.The empire was Mr Somerville he said that was a outstanding hit to James.The score was tight at 4 all but at the end we won.

When I finish playing Softball I had lunch.After having lunch I went over to the singing competition.The singing competition was by Mr Jay’s car.After a while we had to pack up and we started to walk back to school. When I arrived at school I was dieing of thirst so I sprinted right over to the fountain and drank allot of water.

At the end of the day I was Tied well as Exhausted .I can’t wait to go back
down to the Pt England re serve next year.