Friday, June 17, 2011

Qld vs Nsw poem

QLD VS NSW Planing
Introduction- qld and nsw
In Sydney

1st paragraph
“QLD has won victory for five years but nsw has
lost with tears.QLD has the players with speed
that makes them always in the leed”.”NSW is
very kind that always make them behind.”
As Jamie So ward kicks for nsw he gets the
confusion goal as it hits the pole.”As Jared Hayne
marks his arch enemy Billy Slater again as they
both go through pain.”
2nd paragraph “NSW has won there first
game since five years I think they are going to
make up a plan so they can keep up there careers.”
3rd paragraph
“NSW was very tough that made qld play very rough.”
“I thought that qld will win but nsw did,and I never new that
qld was going to lose because they've been the state of
origin champions for five years.” “I was excited that nsw
won because that's the first time they won in five years.”