Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Going to Simmarrama

On Wednesday year 5 to year 8 students went to Swimarama in Panmure.When we got to swimarama we had something to eat some people from groups went and had a swimming race.As soon the race started everybody was cheering.When everybody was cheering i was so desprate to jump into the pool because it was so hot.As soon it was my friends race i cheered for them.When all the race were finished we went for a swim.when i went i ran an jumped off the edge of the pool
and did a bomb.When i did a bomb i got a growling from the life gaurdAs soon as i came out of the pooli went and played cricket with Studermyer and Jesiah.When we were playing i bated the ball over the gate.After playing cricket i played rugby with Kane and Gaberial.after that i went by the gate and watched the year7 and8 bomb off the diving board.After that we went to the bus and then we went back to school.