Friday, April 27, 2012

Botany Skatepark

Last week me and Lorenzo went to Botany skatepark with his dad and sisters.
As we got to the skatepark there were a few people already there.That was my first time seeing it well as being there.The first thing I did was that I dropped into the empty swimming pool.The empty swimming pool was a steep pool that was empty so skaters and bikers could go down.

After playing in the pool I approached the half pipe.The half pipe was a big ramp that goes up and down the half pipe was so tall it looked scary to go down but still did it.
When I went down the half pipe lorenzo told me if I wanted to go to the shops down the road with him.So me and Lorenzo biked to the shops and got a drink.When we were coming back from the shops we had another turn on the skatepark before it was time to go home.

On our way home Lorenzo’s dad stopped outside Mcdonalds and we had a feed.
After eating me and Lorenzo got sundai from the counter.That was the best
day at the skatepark in my life I look forward to going there again.