Friday, June 29, 2012

My Special Place

My special place is the rugby field because I like being there. The rugby field is my special place because I practice my rugby skills and play with my mates. When I have finished my schoolwork I wait for the bell to ring. As soon as it rings I sprint over with my friends and we play a game of touch. The rugby field is also a special place to be because that’s where I have some of my rugby games there.

Term 2 Reflection

Term 2 has been one of the coolest  term this year.Our topic we have been learning Art Alive. We have studied about famous painters from a century ago. My painter I picked was Vincent Van Gogh.He uses colour to express his feeling and what mood taken place.

This term we done lots of things like painting got to do Kiwi Kick and PEPA.
The other thing about this term we did was we got to learn lots of information about painters and their style.

The other things we did this term is that we got to do our special place.My special place I did was the rugby field because thats where I practise my skills and play touch with my friends.
We had to sketch a painting of our special place then we had to paint it or use crayons.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Special Place

My special place is the rugby field that's were I practise my skills and play with my mates.
I like my special place because that's the only place I get to chill with my mates and class.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


It looks like Thor has just smashed  through a lightning pole, because his hands and the hammer has lightning coming off them.  It looks like he is angry at one of his arch enemies. Thor is a Marvel Avengers character. His power is lightning as well as his hammer.This hammer is a strong weapon that he uses when he fights against other villains. He is a God and he is one of the strongest Marvel Avengers in the house of Odin.

Thor is bulky with blonde hair. He is a brave superhero that fights crime.
He is brave as well as powerful and his hammer is his weapon he uses.Thor is the only Marvel
Avenger that can lift his hammer up.
Thor‘s arch enemies are his brother Loki and the ice people.The ice people live in Udine.The ice people have a big gang. Thor tried to attack the ice people but then his dad had to save him and then he got sent to the real world to be a man and to prove himself  that he is a real hero. Thor is real wise.

Thor’s team they are called the Avengers they are the ones that fight crime. The Avengers are one of the strongest teams around the world. They stop villains and fight crime and they are determined to fight anything that comes in their way.Thor’s team mates are called Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Hawkeye and the other two we don’t know.